Payment reconciliation

Parents and guardians receive SMS alerts showing the name of the school receiving payment, student details for which the payment was made, the fee balance or fee overpayment when applicable. The school receives alerts for every fee payment made, name of the payer, amount paid and all related details of the student to which the payment was made.

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Effortless fee payment

Paysap bridges the gap between M-Pesa, learning institutions & their bank accounts. Walking to banking halls and queuing for long hours just to pay school fees is a thing of the past. No more bank slips. No more worries and tedious work for the school accountants. Paying school fees has just become hustle free, time saving & effortless

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Reports and Analytics

The school management has access to all payment data such as, cumulative unpaid balances, overpayment, individual payment report and so much more. Paysap enables the school to make informed financial decisions. All reports are available in soft copy as printable excel spreadsheets, PDFs and other supported formats at the click of a button.

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In-built SMS messaging

Reach parents and guardians by sending custom text messages to individual or multiple recipients directly from the Paysap platform at the click of a button.
The school administration can send fee reminder alerts, term dates or any other important communication to any parent at any time of the day and any day of the week on an as-needed basis.

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Benefits to the school
Centralized web based access

Parents and guardians can query for fee balances and statements using SMS.

Customer care

Easy to use customer support feature. The support staff readily available to offer assistance 24/7.

Visualized payment data

Paysap visualizes payment data in graphs, which shows patterns and trends in fee payment to help the school make better decisions.

paysap institution dashboard

SMS messaging

Paysap has in-built messaging capability which enables the school to communicate directly with parents via SMS.

Activity monitoring

Paysap monitors real-time user activity thus enabling the school to track what users are up-to, and how they use the platform.

Benefits to the parents
Pay school fees from as low as KSHs100

All payments are M-Pesa based which means, parents can pay for school fees from anywhere across the country.


Parents no longer have to queue in banking halls to pay school fees. With Paysap, you can make a payment from the convenience of your seat or working place.

Instant payments

On successful payment, the money is instantly credited into the school's bank account. The payer receives an SMS receipt with payment details for the particular student.

paysap dashboard payments

Incremental fee payments

Paysap enables parents to make kidogo kidogo fee payments over time until the entire amount of school fees is cleared. Parents can also pay school fees for the next school term.

Save time and money

Parents no longer have to travel to the bank and then to the school just to deliver a bank slip. The journey is both time consuming and costly. Paysap saves you both the time and expense of traveling.